Division 11

Mrs. Dyck's Class of 2007/2008

Maple Green Elementary School


We are division 11, grade 4. This is our Wikispace.This year we will be using this space to show you our work. We can all add our own work and share with each other and with you. We are enjoying working on this space and we hope you enjoy sharing our year with us.

Owl Research

First Nations

Fall 2007:
We are currently studying the geography of Canada and mapping.We are starting our study of the First Nations of Canada and beginning by mapping out the major regions of the First Nation people of Canada. Below are pictures of us working on our mapping.
Here we are creating a huge map that will show all the First Nation regions in Canada.

Hard at work

Working on our Canada maps

We started off the year by studying mapping. Here we are working on making a political map of Canada

Helping each other

They turned out great!

It was very hard to fit all the names into Atlantic Canada!

Our Pizza Art is amazing!

pizza_art1.JPG pizza_art1_1.JPG We loved making these pizzas.

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