The Barn Owl

The Barn Owl lives in U.S.A., Mexico and Central America. It likes to live in old buildings, caves, holes and farms.

The Barn Owl has a wing span of up to 43 inches and has a heart shape face. The Barn Owl is about 14-21 inches tall. The Barn Owl has brown and white feathers. The Barn Owl weighs 17.5 ounces. It snores sometimes when it sleeps at night.
The Barn Owl likes to eat small rodents like fish, mice, small birds, gophers, young deer, rats and rabbits. They catch their food by swooping down and swallowing it whole. Since they swallow it whole they leave a pellet that is made out of bones, claws and teeth. This is the parts of the animal it can not digest.

The female Barn Owl can have up to 11 eggs. They are born at separate times . Some are born days apart. The baby will fly in eight to ten weeks. If the eggs are too cold they will die. If it is too dry they will die. There are twenty-eight days until the eggs hatch.