Bippy Came To School!
On February 25 a Inuit came to our school. Her name was Bippy. We learned a lot about them. I learned that the Inuit people don’t say the letter B so they say Bippy, Pippy that’s funny. I learned that her home town is Kugaaruk. The language that they speak is Inuktituk.
We learned that 1 way to soften fur is to chew it, but the bottom of your teeth will get black. Another thing that I learned that in the summer they wear some kind of suit that has a big hood to hold the baby. We also played a lot of games. We played a hoop game. This is what you do: you have to try and get the stick into the hoop. My favorite activity was the string games because we learned a lot of games with the strings. The string games were used to tell stories to other people. These are my favorite string games: The 2 different stars,the tent,cats cradle and a magic trick.
It was so much fun!