Burrowing Owl


Burrowing owls are found in North America, Florida and West Indies. Most of them are found in North America. They borrow holes from other creatures such as gophers. It likes sunny weather.

Burrowing Owl is about 20 centimeters while perching. It’s wingspan is 20-24 inches. It is 8.5-11 inches long. It turns white in winter and brown in summer. It has a round head and long legs. They have their eyesight twice as good as ours. They have their eyes in the middle of their faces. They have a third eyelid. It keeps the eye most clean from dirt when flying. Burrowing Owls have saucer shaped hollows called disks. They help them hear and make sounds louder. They can hear even tiny noises. They don’t have tufts at all. Burrowing Owls have fourteen neck bones while humans only have seven. They can turn their head almost in a full circle.

Food source
Burrowing owls hunt their favorite food. Their favorite food are beetles. They also eat lizards, snakes, scorpions and amphibians. Some owls eat insects but burrowing owls mostly eat bigger than them. They don’t swallow their prey live. In one summer they can eat 1500 mice. When they digest their food all the feathers that they eat by the animals are taken away by small things called pellets.

Natural Enemies
Their natural enemies are lizards, snakes and scorpions. they hate their enemies very much.

The female lays the eggs. She lays 6-10 eggs. She sits on the eggs to keep them warm for 4 whole weeks. Both parents feed the owlets after they hatch.